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Get transported to summer with freshly squeezed orange juice and lashings of ice. At Next Day CBD we pride ourselves on the quality of our products and aim to produce the finest CBD e liquid in the UK.


This CBD e liquid is used for vaping only and does not need to be mixed with other liquids. This product does not contain nicotine. Nicotine can be added if necessary. The product is supplied in a 50ml short-fill in a 60ml bottle to allow room for nicotine if required, it is infused with 1000mg of pure CBD from isolate at 99.997%.


1. If you are looking for immediate relief, vaping CBD might be your best option. CBD vape oil has a faster absorption rate than other forms of CBD, like edibles and oils. It’s common for the medicinal effects of CBD vape oil to be felt immediately, or within a few minutes.

2. Vape oils typically offer CBD in its purest form. You can expect only a small handful of ingredients in a premium CBD vape oil such as Next Day CBD e liquid UK.

3. Another major benefit of vaping CBD is flavour. Our CBD e liquid is available in a range of flavours that provide a fantastic alternative to the natural, earthy flavours of a CBD oil.

4. Our CBD vape oils do not contain nicotine or any other addictive chemicals.

5. Nicotine can be added if necessary. Our CBD e liquid short fill bottles come with space to add your nicotine!

6. Lots of people use CBD purely for relaxation and stress reduction. Many of them argue that vaping is the most relaxing way to take CBD.

7. Vaping CBD e liquid is a discreet way of taking your CBD on-the-go.

9. Vaping CBD is a good option if you want to take varying doses of CBD depending on the stresses of the day

10. Affordable - Our CBD e liquid contains 1000mg of pure CBD in 50ml of liquid. Most CBD Oils are supplied in 10ml bottles.

Product Category: CBD Vape Oil E-Liquid

Brand CBD: Next Day CBD

Flavour Type: Fruit

Bottle Size: 60ml

PG-VG: 50/50

Device: Suitable for all

CBD Content: 1000mg

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