A complete guide to CBD Vape Oil
A complete guide to CBD Vape Oil

CBD vape oil in has risen in popularity dramatically in the UK over the last year or so. There is no doubt that vaping is a fantastic way to explore the benefits of CBD but how do you get started? That's what this post is all about. It's your guide to CBD vape juice.


What is CBD Oil?

For those of you that have been hiding under a large stone for a while - This is what CBD Oil actually is.

CBD is one of at least 104 chemical compounds, known as cannabinoids, that are found in the cannabis plant. A naturally occurring substance, which can be extracted and mixed with a carrier oil to create CBD oil.

CBD is reported to offer a wide range of health benefits. Hence the surge in popularity particularly from health and wellbeing fans.

Is CBD oil legal in the UK?

The question I hear the most…… Yes, it is 100% legal to take CBD oil and vape CBD juice in the UK.


This is because CBD is not a controlled substance and therefore there are no restrictions over its use. As long as the CBD product is derived from one of the 63 industrial hemp strains that have been approved by the EU, it is 100% legal.

Can vaping CBD oil e-liquid get you high?

Vaping CBD juice will not get you high!

CBD contains no psychoactive properties. CBD could possess many benefits but if you are looking to get high you are going to be disappointed.

But I thought you said it comes from the Cannabis plant?

It does but the key here is Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

THC is the ingredient in Cannabis that gets you high and because CBD does not contain the psychoactive ingredient THC, it is entirely legal to buy and consume.

Furthermore, because CBD is a legal ingredient, it is not tested for in drug tests used to detect illegal drugs

Why vape CBD oil?

The rise of vaping and e-cigarettes has been nothing short of astounding. It has never been easier to stop smoking tobacco and it has helped millions of people across the globe do just that.


CBD oil vaporizes at 200℃ which makes it the perfect accomplice for use in an e-cigarette.

When you inhale, you allow compounds produced by the plant to enter your body. In fact, it is one of the fastest ways of processing CBD oil.

Alongside the technical benefits, vaping CBD e-liquids has its other advantages too.

For example, some people do not like the taste of CBD oils and as you will see in our range of flavoured CBD vape oils there are plenty of flavours and strengths to suit all tastes.

How to begin vaping CBD oil

Step 1 - Choose a reputable seller

First and foremost it is essential that you choose a respected seller.

Like most things that are trending, there are plenty of people trying to make a quick buck and bringing substandard products to market.

Whoever you choose to buy CBD e-liquid from make sure they know what they are talking about and they source their products from established brands.


Step 2 - Choosing your CBD e-liquid

Initially, I recommend that you choose an e-juice that has low CBD content.

Most people report that vaping CBD works immediately. As time goes on you will be able to increase your CBD intake as you feel necessary.

Step 3 - How to use your CBD e-liquid

Obviously, I don’t know what your e-cigarette of choice is but most e-cigarettes have the same components:

- Battery,

- Heating element - Atomizer, Coil

- Mouthpiece

- Tank

The tank is the section that will contain the CBD oil you wish to vape.

The heating element (atomizer) vaporizes the liquid and you inhale the CBD vapour via the mouthpiece.

Sound simple? It is. That is what makes vaping CBD oil so convenient.

What is it like to vape CBD Oil?

For those of you that have already taken a CPD supplement like CBD paste or CBD shots, you will probably expect that vaping would produce the same result? Actually, it's not quite as simple as that.

As I mentioned earlier the key difference between vaping CBD and other methods is the speed of its effects.

Simply put vaping reportedly the fastest onset of CBD effects. Many people find this to be a very attractive proposition.

Next steps

Hopefully, I have answered the majority of your questions. If you are confused or you wish to ask something that is not covered in this post just get in touch we are more than happy to help.

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